In the Seema Haider case, the police arrested these two individuals. What connection did they find with the fake Aadhaar card?

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Considering the seriousness of the Noida police case, they are refraining from making excessive disclosures. However, it is being said that this arrest was made based on Sachin's statement.

Seema Haider case

Image Credit: India Today/PTI

Two individuals have been arrested in connection with the Seema Haider case, and they are said to be relatives of Sachin Meena. According to Santosh Sharma's report from India Today, they have been arrested on charges of creating fake Aadhaar cards. The police have stated that 15 fake Aadhaar cards were seized from their possession, along with the devices used to create the Aadhaar cards.

Considering the gravity of the Noida police case, they are avoiding excessive disclosure. However, it is being said that the arrest was made based on Sachin's statement. The names of the young men are Pushpendra and Pawan Meena, both residents of Bulandshahr. The police have been questioning them continuously for the last three days.

The accused are running Jan Seva Kendra.

Pushpendra and Pawan run a Jan Seva Kendra in Ahmadgarh, Bulandshahr. Sachin and Seema Haider had come to this Jan Seva Kendra to arrange necessary documents for their wedding. Seema had traveled to Noida via Nepal, and then Sachin took her to Bulandshahr for the wedding.

In this case, the police have sent Seema and her children's passports, Pakistani identification cards, and all other documents obtained from them to the Pakistani Embassy. They want to verify whether Seema is indeed from Pakistan or not. Additionally, the police have sent Seema's mobile phone to the forensic lab in Ghaziabad for examination. The report from the forensic lab is still pending.

The police are questioning Seema until both investigations are completed. After that, the charge sheet for the case will be prepared.

Seema Haider was arrested on July 4 for illegally entering India. Simultaneously, Sachin was also arrested on charges of providing shelter to an illegal immigrant. Both were granted bail by the court on July 7. Currently, Seema is residing at Sachin's house with her four children in the Rabupura area of Gautam Buddh Nagar.

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