Rakhi’s Swamwar is set to Go!! (an interview with rakhi)

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The show 'Rakhi Ka Swayamvar', in which Rakhi Sawant will choose her real life husband through a swayamvar, is set to go on air soon.

It will be aired by NDTV Imagine

People are already curious to see how Rakhi will go about choosing her groom. Read what the lady has to say.


Tell us something more about the show? In most arranged marriages in our country, it’s the women who’re required to prove themselves. Women are expected to be pretty, fair, fantastic cooks and great home managers. Their family background and their past love life also comes under scrutiny. However, all that’s expected from a guy is a stable job and regular income.

Marriage should be about choice and so is my Swayamvar. Through it I hope to voice a lot of questions that brides want to ask or should ask in order to make the correct choice. On a personal note, I am happy that I am getting the opportunity to chose my husband.

How many guys have already applied to be a part of the show? Almost 15,000 for the first phase of auditions. A select few will actually get to participate in the Swayamvar. In order to win my heart, they’ll have to perform various tasks and prove their love to me. I will be testing them on things that are important to every woman. I am looking for a guy who is honest and committed. Someone who will pamper me. Physical fitness is important. He should be someone who will make a good father. Of course, he must be financially stable and independent, but having a big heart is more important.

Will you be really marrying him? Absolutely. Why else will I have a Swayamvar and put the guy through all this if I don’t intend to marry him? I’ll also make sure that we we stay together forever.


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