DROID by Motorola – Android Mobile – Features and Review

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image Here it is.. a brand new DRIOD by Motorola. This Android phone was much awaited and got huge appreciation worldwide. You must be wondering about “Android” technology.. so let us explain this for you..

What is Android?

Android™ is a flexible software platform designed to deliver a personalized and customizable user experience on mobile devices. It is strongly suited to bring advanced web services, e-mail, social networking, and entertainment to consumers. Android will serve as the operating system on many of Motorola’s future handsets.


How is Android different?

Compared to many existing platforms, Android is truly open to continued innovation and new experiences. This is because independent developers have almost unlimited access to the platform, so they can develop applications never seen before. End users will enjoy a much greater choice of mobile applications to enhance email, texting, Web browsing, music, camera and calling capabilities.


DROID Features:

The web is richer. Photos are sharper. Videos pop. It has the most advanced browser and Android 2.0 software with a blazing-fast processor and 3G speed for faster search. It has the world's thinnest QWERTY slider at 13.7mm. It can help you navigate turn-by-turn. It has a 5MP camera with a flash, plus loads of great camera features and a DVD-quality recorder to capture all the richer, bigger, wider experiences you're going to have. It's the phone with the "Hi" IQ.

Internet & World Wide Web: Zip through the internet with Verizon's lightning-fast 3G speed, an HTML browser and a super-fast processor. View it all on a huge display with double-tap zoom, and over 400,000 pixels, more than twice than the leading competitor.

Email & Social Networking: Both Gmail™ and Exchange emails are pushed directly to your inbox. Respond quickly with the QWERTY or virtual keypads. And view plug-in calendars, contacts and social network status messages with apps from Android Market™.

Music, Search & Videos: Tell DROID what you're looking for using voice-activated search and it will serve up both your contacts and Google Web search results based on your location. Want more? Simply type into the search bar and DROID will search your apps, contacts, browser, music and even YouTube™.

Video and Camera: Take stills and videos with the 5MP camera with flash, zoom and auto-focus and DVD-quality video recorder. Drop, drag and sync your content with your PC. Then showcase it with the optional DROID Multimedia Station.

Navigation & GPRS: With Google Maps™ Navigation (BETA), DROID gives you spoken turn-by-turn directions, and your route overlaid on Google Maps Street View - and no additional navigation fees. Wireless data charges apply.

Personalize your Desktop/Dashboard: DROID's status bar acts as your personal dashboard, so that new messages, emails, sync alerts and more show up as organized icons. Pull down the expandable notification panel to see what you want to see, when you want to see it.


  • Style: Slider
  • Camera Resolution: 5.1 to 7 megapixels
  • Operating System: Android
  • Manufacturer: Motorola

Price: $200 (with 2-year contract)












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