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Mariz: Dr. Sahab mera khada nahi hota.

Dr: Are you married?

Mariz: No.

Dr: GF?

Mariz: No

Dr: Rundibazi?

Mariz: No

Dr: Masterbaution?

Mariz: No

Dr: To kya khada kar ke calendar tangega kya?

A Girl Lost Her Virginity...

Rajnikant Found it And Gave it Back To Her.

Women prefer sex with the lights off. Bcoz they can't bear to see a man enjoying.

And why do men like the lights on? So they can pronounce the woman's name right.

Lady to dentist: Dant nikalwane se to pregnent hona achha hai, Dard to kam hota hai..!!

Destist: abhi soch lo kya karwana hai, fir main chair usi hisab se set karu :P :D

Rajnikanth lost his virginity before his dad..!!:-D
A Rapist entered Bedroom,

Tied up Husband & Wife,

kissed wife's ear & went 2 Bathroom..

Husband told to wife - "Satisfy him, or

he will kill us. B strong. I luv u"!

Wife - "He didnt kiss me,

He whispered in my ear that he's gay,

Needs vaseline & I told him its in the


So U b Strong, I luv u too !:D

In a Grammr class :

Teacher:- "HE does not like girls"

What is 'He' in this sentence ??

Student :- Gay . . !!! )

I swear to Drunk, I am not God....

I swear to Drunk, I am not God.

‎1 gaon me Rahul Gandhi ko 1 bache ne kaha

Sirji 14 mahino se yaha school me teacher nahi he.

Rahul- To school kaise chal raha hai?

Bacha- Jaise desh chal raha hai!

Life widout Fun

Sky widout Sun

10 widout 1

Warrier widout Gun

Batsman widout Run






Is all like Man widout L**D ;)

Height of Possessiveness :



A boy is dying of cancer..!!


Friend: Why do you keep telling people you are dying of AIDS?






Boy: when I die,

No one will dare to touch my Girlfriend..!! ;)

Advantages of being a man...

--> People never glance at your chest while you're talking to them..

--> Your ass is never a factor in job interview .

--> You can eat a banana in public.

--> The world is your urinal.

...and the best one, here it goes...

...You can buy condoms without the chemist imagining you naked.

If U want to start business,

start a Condom Company named

"DIPPER Condoms" it'll get

free publicity on Indian


Use DIPPER at Night!

Husband: kash hamare ladki ki jagah ladka ho jata?

Wife: Chhodo ji, agar main aapke bharose rehti, to ladki bhi nahi hoti.

Judge to Prostitute: "So when did you realize you were raped?''

Prostitute: "When the cheque bounced!!

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