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Millions of toothpicks used to make this ‘Toothpick City’ .. (16 pictures)

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Stan Munro (born in Rochester, NY in 1970) built toothpick structures as a hobby and gave them away as gifts. His first introduction to toothpicks was in grade school when Stan's art teacher instructed the class to make a toothpick structure that was six inches tall and could hold an egg. Stan’s held his desk.

It takes Six years and six million toothpicks and 170 litres of glue to make this Toothpick City

Toothpicks_sculptures (12)

Toothpicks_sculptures (9)

All of his models are built to 1:164 scale. In this picture, Stan is seen with some of his skyscrapers: the Chrysler Building, Petronas Towers, Taipei 101, The Woolworth Building and the Met Life Tower



Stan Munro, 38, a married 38-year-old former TV presenter, has built some of the world's most famous landmarks out of toothpicks. Stan is seen here working on his model of Angkor Wat, which he describes as the most complex building he has ever tried to recreate


Toothpicks_sculptures (1)

The Brooklyn Bridge and Big Ben



Toothpicks_sculptures (2)

Toothpick model of St Patrick's Cathedral in New York City, in front of the real thing



Toothpicks_sculptures (3)

model of the Cutty Sark



Toothpicks_sculptures (4)

The Aspire Tower in Doha, Qatar



Toothpicks_sculptures (5)

model of the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, Turkey



Toothpicks_sculptures (6)

The al-Haram mosque in Mecca...



Toothpicks_sculptures (7)

Pilgrims facing a replica of the Kaaba



Toothpicks_sculptures (8)

The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth



Toothpicks_sculptures (10)

Sydney Opera House in Australia. Even the blue harbour water is made from toothpicks



Toothpicks_sculptures (11)

The beautiful Taj Mahal



Toothpicks_sculptures (13)

London's Tower Bridge, made entirely from toothpicks



Toothpicks_sculptures (14)

St Peter's Square and the obelisk at the Vatican City...



Toothpicks_sculptures (15)

a close-up of St Peter's Cathedral, the Vatican


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