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Teen Sensation Miley Cyrus With Her Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, And Miley Cyrus In A Black Gown With Her New Hair Style At MTV Video Music Awards 2012

Miley With Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Miley In Her New Hair-Do At MTV Video Music Awards 2012

Jason Luis Rivera, a man in US pretense to be married to the 19 year old teen sensation Miley Cyrus and also alleges to have been friends with her for over 5 years. The 40 year old who is believed to be in a kind of depression allegedly topped the fences of the former Disney star Los-Angeles manor on the morning of 8th of September(Saturday) and then started to bang the doors, but man hid himself into the bushes when he saw the police arriving. The stalker was soon apprehended when the police realized of someone lighting a candle in bushes. The man when copped was found to have a rope tied around his neck, which when heaved was a big pink colored heart. He was further found carrying articles like a pair of scissors, an ID card, some notes and paper money as well. The star who was not at home when the incident took place told that she is not at all petrified with the incident, infect she wouldn’t ever as she trusts her security team completely.

Jason Luis Rivera

The Lieutenant Brian Wendling, of Los Angeles Police, said: "Rivera thinks they were married. I would say delusional is a good characterization of him."

The chaser Rivera was offered to court on 10th of September (Monday) and has been tagged with two misdemeanor trespassing counts and one misdemeanor for resisting his arrest, with a bail set at $1,000. The judge additionally issued a 500 yard restraining order and moreover applied a ‘block restriction’ order, which will now force Rivera to stay extensively off the block where the Hannah Montana girl Lives. The court overseeing the case also issued a 500 yard restraining order and added a “block restriction,” which forces Rivera to stay completely off the block where Miley Cyrus lives.


Teen Pop Star Miley Cyrus Aka Hannah Montana At A Party Function In Her New Hair Style

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