Hollywood actress posing nude for fame! (+18) (news + 4 Pictures)

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Nakedness is still a very hush hush thing for lot of actresses to be portrayed on and off the screen. But there are babes who have no qualms about it. Have a look...
Two years ago she posed nude for Jane Magazine. And now Serena Williams is taking her clothes off for ESPN The Magazine’s first "Body Issue". She is one of the six celebs who is going to be featured nude in the "Body Issue".



Carla Bruni: Carla Bruni is not bold only off the camera but before the camera as well. A nude portrait in gelatin silver print taken by photographer Michel Comte in 1993 was sold in New York in 2008.



Kate Moss: Before the men can find breath, the sultry girl Kate Moss was ready to go with it. In 1996 the eye-catching babe was captured by photographer Irving Penn and that photograph was put on sale at Christie's South Kensington last year.



Madonna: The hot beauty and the 'Queen of Pop' 'Madonna' stripped herself off for a New York photographer Martin H M Schreiber, for just $30!. The shot was sold to 'Playboy' magazine when she achieved fame.

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