Sohail planning for remake of ‘Satte Pe Satta’!… (news)

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Sohail-Khan,Sohail planning for remake of ‘Satte Pe Satta’

Sohail Khan wants to remake Satte Pe Satta, the Amitabh Bachchan-Hema Malini multi-starrer directed by Raj N Sippy in 1982. Sohail is currently in the process of buying the rights for the film. The original was inspired by a Hollywood flick Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

Salman Khan will essay the double role of Ravi Anand (played by Bachchan in the original). It is believed that David Dhawan will direct the film. Sohail confirms, "Yes, I am in talks with Mr Raj and Romu Sippy and we are working on acquiring the rights of Satte Pe Satta. We have talked and also met regarding that. Satte Pe Satta is one of my favorite films and was a neat, clean family entertainer. I am very excited about it though it will take another 10 days to finalise everything."

Talking about the cast Sohail says, "Despite it being a multi-starrer, Bachchan was the only lead; the others were supporting cast. Here, too, it will be the same. Salman will be essaying a double role - the characters of Ravi and Babu." So, Sohail will also be one of the other six brothers?

"No, I have decided that I will opt out of this one as an actor. Producing Satte Pe Satta will be a mammoth task. We will have to look for seven actors, seven actresses and then the villains. It will be a huge film. We will be signing on friends and people we have worked with for the rest of the cast as we need to be comfortable with the people we work with." When asked if David Dhawan was helming the remake, he says cautiously, "Nothing has been finalised at the moment." Salman and Sohail will be seen in this Friday Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. Apparently, Sohail is the 'Main' in the title; not Sallu.

After the passing away of their parents, Ravi Anand, the eldest of seven brothers, raise them. Ravi marries Indu (Hema Malini) and brings her home. Indu's friend Seema Singh (Ranjeeta) and five of her girlfriends come over to stay with them. The rest of the brothers start wooing Seema's friends. One day Ravi gets abducted and is held in an underground cellar on an isolated island. The person who takes Ravi's place is his look-alike, an ex-convict, Babu who has been sent by Seema's uncle Ranjit (Amjad Khan), to find Seema so that Ranjit can claim her inheritance.

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