‘Amitabh Chalisa’ by Sharad Kumar…(news)

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Here’s a new means for Amitabh Bachchan fans to show their affection for the legendary actor and reminisce the superstar - the ‘Amitabh Chalisa.’

Believe it or not, a Bihar-based lawyer has composed a specially-structured hymn in praise of Amitabh Bachchan, the superstar, who turned 67 recently.

Sharad Kumar, an advocate practicising in Bhojpur district, has penned ‘Amitabh Chalisa’. A chalisa is traditionally a Hindu hymn invoking 40 names of the god being worshipped, but in recent years they have been written in praise of politicians as well like the ‘Lalu Chalisa’ and ‘Atal Chalisa’. And now, ‘Amitabh Chalisa’ is ready to create new records.

Interestingly, it took Kumar three months to come out with 'Amitabh Chalisa' and it now got printed. He claimed that ‘Amitabh Chalisa’ depicts the actor's 40-year-long career in Bollywood and is full of real stories from the megastar's life including the highs and lows.

Now that’s what we call creativity!

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