Salman extols Shahrukh on “Dus Ka Dum”

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Believe it or not, but Salman Khan recently agreed to a statement about Shah Rukh Khan being a good actor. Recently, on his TV show ‘Dus Ka Dum’, with actor Riteish Deshmukh as his celebrity guest, Salman could be seen actually acknowledging a statement pertaining to SRK.

An insider reveals that Riteish stopped after winning Rs 10 lakh and gave away the money to Salman`s Being Human foundation. When Sallu asked Riteish who his favourite actor was, the former said SRK. And guess what, Salman instantly agreed about SRK being a good actor.

Confirming the buzz, Riteish said, "I didn`t get any negative vibes about Shah Rukh from Salman on the show. He was very cool and dignified and didn`t pass any snide remarks about him. In fact, Salman spoke highly about SRK and his work."

Riteish was accompanied by superstar Govinda on the show, as they featured to promote their upcoming flick ‘Do Knot Disturb’.

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