In India, we have sex with our clothes on: Irrfan Khan

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Nudity has been an issue in the Indian film industry long since. When Hollywood directors descend on B-town, with their concepts, actors are hardly ever wanting to let go off their inhibitions in films. Irrfan Khan recently voiced his opinion on sex scenes for Jennifer Lynch's Hiss.


Irrfan confirms, “Jennifer said I will have to take off my clothes for an intimate scene with Divya Dutta who is playing my wife in the film. I personally think Indian couples make love with their clothes on and I told this to Jennifer.”

He adds, “She was amazed that how can people have sex with their clothes on. I gave her the example of my previous film The Namesake

Irrfan then thought of a new plan. He reasoned that he plays an orthodox Brahmin whose mother-in-law has a habit of walking into his bedroom unannounced. “Given the conditions, my character and his wife would hardly be expected to take off their clothes. And that convinced Jennifer,” What a sigh of relief!

“The most relieved was Divya. She was waiting with bated breath to see if I could manage to convince Jennifer. Once everything was sorted out, our lovemaking scene lasted for about an hour.” Talk about the Indian style of love making!

When we asked Divya Dutta about the scene she said “There is nothing much in it at all. I have a kissing scene with Irrfan Khan in the film, that’s it. That too was very professionally done. When the story demands it, I try to play my character to the fullest, including acting out these scenes. It’s as simple as that.”

The snake woman in the film Mallika Sherawat has had no apprehensions doing a dare bare act throughout the film. We wait to hear from her, the woman with the real fizz...hiss!

where I had done a passionate lovemaking scene with Tabu and that too with our clothes on. Jennifer was fascinated, but unconvinced."

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