What To Do When Mobile Is Lost

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Important Thing To Do When Phone Is Lost, Track Lost Cell-Phone, Find Lost Mobile, Trace Lost/Stolen Mobile Phone

Always worry about keeping your lovely expansive mobile phone safe from misplacing and theft's....??

Just follow these simple and easy steps to keep your mobile phone secure:

1. Dial the *#06# code from your mobile.
2. Your mobile will show a unique 15 digit Serial/IMEI number.
3. Note down the number in a diary/notebook/laptop or anywhere but except your mobile, as this very number will help to trace your mobile phone if it’s lost.
4. In-case if the mobile gets lost or stolen then just mark a mail to cop@vsnl.net with the following information’s:

Your Name:
Mobile Model:
Last Number Used:
Date of Lost/Theft:
IMEI/Serial Number:
E-Mail for Communication:

5. No need to go to the police, if you follow these simple steps.
6. Your Mobile will be traced within next 24 hrs via complex GPRS and internet integrated tracing system.
7. You will be informed where your hand set is being operated, even if your contact number had been changed.

Note: The Unique IMEI/Serial Number are always listed on the purchase bill/mobile box of that particular mobile, so incase if you never stored/wrote the IMEI/Serial Number anywhere with you then you can also look up to the bill/box for the same.

Always keep all this information stored for emergency use and share it with your friends and family to the maximum you can.


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