3G handset will cost less than Rs. 5000 (Tech News)

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CHENNAI: 3G auctions are yet to take place in India, but third generation handsets could be 'so everyday' if industry people are to be believed.

They said the price of the handset will fall below $100 (Rs 5,000 appox) in a year. Besides, estimates suggest that there could be about 39.5 crore 3G handsets in the country by 2013.

The proliferation of 3G handsets is likely to get a boost once the 3G auction slated for December takes place and companies begin rolling out 3G services. This is expected to push the prices of handsets further down.

"As 3G rollout happens, it will be easier to take broadband to a large population, including rural India. There will be a proliferation of handsets. Broadband will be available on handsets and netbooks," said Manoj Kohli, CEO and joint managing director, Bharti Airtel said.

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