Don’t Compare Vidya To Me- Veena Malik

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Veena Malik As Silk Smitha In 'Silk Sakkath Maga- The Kannad/South Version Of Bollywood's Dirty Picture

Pakistani actress Veena Malik is in no mood to say bye to India anytime soon. The actress on her recent visit to Delhi, delivered an interview to a giant media tabloid, and told that she intends to not to leave India till she continues to receive worthy weighing projects. “I will be here till the time I keep getting offers and good work. People in India just love me and that’s the reason I am here. My work is appreciated and it feels good when you see yourself being loved by so many people. I am working hard on the South remake of The Dirty Picture wherein I’m playing Silk Smitha. I have gained weight for the movie; until a few days I was 48kg, but now I am 55! Also, I am learning Kannada for the film and am singing a song in the movie as well. I am exploring all aspects of cinema and this is just the beginning of my acting career.”

The actress whose matrimonial show ‘Veena Malik – ‘Veena Ka Vivah’ sank even before it could start (as the channel ‘Imagine Tv’ was shut down due to some internal issues) has been roped as the lead in Silk Sakkath Maga- the Hindi version of Bollywood produced Dirty Picture, for which the original heroine Vidya Balan was appraised a National Award as she lived the character of ‘Silk’ outstandingly gracefully. “Vidya was just superb as Silk in The Dirty Picture and she deserved the National Award for it. As an actress she is flawless. So it won’t be fair to compare her and the role she played, with me because there is no comparison between the two of us” she said, and further added that she promises to be more dirtier than the original Silk Vidya Balan.


Veena Malik As Silk In 'The Dirty Picture: Silk Sakkath Maga'

The actress unstammeringly spoke her heart out on her being criticized for the bold photo shoot she did for a magazine, “There are many people in my country and in India too, who are ready with their criticism all the time. They will ridicule you when you do anything. And I did get a lot of criticism from there but I don’t think that they are a threat to my life. And if there are people who hate me, there are also others who love me”. Also she refurbished the rumors of her getting hitched with Hemant Madhukar- the director of her upcoming film ‘Silk Sakkath Maga’ and clarified that they both have nothing except for maintaining a professional relation, “We share a good working relationship as professionals and we’re not dating” she said.


Vidya Balan-The Original Silk Snitha From 'The Dirty Picture'

Vidya Balan And Veena Malik, As Silk Smitha

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