Solve this puzzle to enter in Heaven!!

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Once a person died and went to Yamraj office. Yamraj ordered Chitragupt to enquire about that person’s good work (PUNYA) and bad work (PAAP) on his past life on earth so that he (Yamraj) can make conclusion to send him to SWARG (Heaven) or NARAK (Hell).

After complete the enquiry Chitragupt told to Yamraj that the person’s good work (PUNYA) and bad work (PAAP) is in 50:50 ratios. So what should we do now?

After a log thought Yamraj told Chitragupt to fetch up that person.

When that person came to Yamraj, he told him about the problem and give him a chance to choose where he want to go. The chance is describing below:-

Yamraj show him 2 gate; one of the SWARG (Heaven) and second one of the NARAK (Hell). And now it depends on his intelligence how he can choose the right gate?

Limitations are here:-

There is 1 gatekeeper on each gate.

He can ask only 1 question to any gatekeeper by his choice (but keep in mind that you can ask only 1 question to any gatekeeper after 1 question none of them will not reply to any question).

1 gatekeeper lies every time and 2nd gatekeeper says true every time.

The person does not know who will say true and who will say lie to him and also does not know that which gatekeeper stands on which gate.

Now imagine that you stuck with this situation than what will you do?

The question is “How will you find the SWARG (Heaven) gate”?

What question should you ask to only one gate keeper (even he says you truth or lie) so that you can find SWARG (Heaven)?

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