New brain teasers…bet to solve this..

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You are training for a local marathon. You want to run the marathon at an average speed of six miles per hour. Unfortunately, you realize you are not in as good shape as you thought and you are running uphill. You find that you complete a half of the run, all uphill, at an average speed of only three miles per hour.

How fast must you run to make the return trip (all downhill) at an average speed for the entire round trip of six miles per hour?


Anyone who wants to be a member of our private tennis club, must play 3 games and get successive 2 games of these. He will meet two other member. One of them is a good player (G) while the other is the best player (B). He may choose the game order in two these: GBG or BGB. He will be admitted if he win at least two successive games. Which order would you choose? BGB or GBG?

Since there is only two alternatives, please don't post without explanation.

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