Thinking about MTNL broadband? Think twice before getting it.

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Thinking about MTNL broadband? Think twice before getting it…

MTNL claims to be the best and fast broadband service provider for Metro cities (Delhi, Mumbai and other) but the real claim is far away from the realties. I heard a lot about MTNL’s poor services but couldn’t forbid myself to get one and then the story begin. I horribly experienced the real “Sarkari” let go situation of MTNL “Babus” and Bureaucrat.

My connection worked well for first few months and then I started giving daily calls to their so called “Call Centers”. You ring them and I bet you will feel like killing yourself. People there have Typical government style attitude. Sometimes you will feel that you have done something real bad by calling them. If you net is down and you are not able to browse the site, or the MTNL server is down, then wait at least for two weeks. There is no use to call them again and again, your net will work only when those “SARKARI” Babues will be free from their “Tea Break” (and trust me that tea break will not a day less than one or two weeks) . That is absolutely NO use to call their call center; they will simply give you some caned answer.

Whenever my net went down, it was down for at least one week. I am in Rohini (New Delhi) area which is supposed to be the posh colony in New Delhi, so if they have this kind of attitude in these areas, then God bless to other locations in Delhi. I have at least 50 complain number which is never seen by any MTNL officials and no one even cared to call us, no matter if net worked or not.

So now I thought about getting it disconnected:

My Internet didn’t work for almost 3 weeks and then I thought about getting rid of MTNL, but you are completely wrong if you think that you will get rid of that easily. I submitted an application three months ago and was waiting to get my connection disconnected. Nothing happened in the second month and then I called their call center, and they said that your status is showing that “your connection is already disconnected” and when I asked them about the bill I have received, they “ORDERED” me to talk to my local “Area Manager of MTNL”. They given me his number, but it’s useless because he will never pick the phone. I when to holiday and when I came again I saw the MTNL bill with the Internet charges again (1200 per month) and I must tell you guys here that my Net is not working but I am receiving bill for about 3 months.

Then I decided to go to the MTNL office and meet the area manager in person. When I went there, they told me that My Modem is not submitted that is why I am getting Internet charges attached with my telephone bill. I asked them “Why you guys didn’t mention it at the very first place?” When I given the application for disconnection the person who took my application, mentioned me that “Somebody from our side will come and collect the modem and wires”, but no one came. Anyway, it was almost useless to argue with these “Sarkari Babus”.

Next day I sent my brother to submit the modem wires and everything, he went there with all the stuff but one of the “Sarkari Babu” told him that there is one “Connecter Box” is missing. That connecter box would hardly cost two to five rupees, and for the past 3 months they have charged me3600Rs( Rs. 1200 per month) and they sent my brother back for that connector box, next day it was Sunday and then I sent my brother again on Monday with that connector box, Modem and all the required wires. Now they took all the material and given the receipt BUT they told to get that receipt Signed with the CO. Their CO was not in the office and they told to wait till 4 o’clock. As my brother was getting late for his class so he came back. Now, tomorrow again he will go and get the receipt from that CO. And I am stil not sure if they will disconnect my connection officially.

MTNL is Horrible, beware from is as much as you can. They may allure with all those TV ads but once you get it, you will understand what the real “SARKARI” Indian works are.

No matter how much they claim to beat the private companies, Indian system will be like this only. So my advice would be to go for the Airtel, Sify or some other real good options.

Say a BIG NO NO to MTNL…..


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kiran () [ Reply ] 2009-06-16 11:56:47
BEWARE OF SPONSORED TRASH BY PRIVATE TEL OPERATORS Well all that talk about SARKARI attitude seems to have befallen only on the above guys. I have a MTNL broadband connections it works perfectly well for me, and for the kind info of my fellow customers MTNL call centre was rated the best compared to AIRTEL , VODAPHONE ....., hence all this gung ho about SARKARI attitude seems to be more of fabricated by AIRTEL, SIFY etc .. etc. BEWARE of these sponsored, self centric, promotional gigs done by Private TEL operators mind u these companies are not in here for social servive but to squeeze every possible penny out of ur pocket.
RISHI () [ Reply ] 2009-06-16 12:08:10
Well Sam i symphatize with u it seems u have become the victim of moments but the experience that i have with MTNL Sarkari Babus is absolutely a good one, i didnt face nythin like u mentioned rather ma modem was creating some problem n i wanted to change it even with the cost but these Sarkari babus got it changed without extra money N that too in a single call. earlier i had Airtel N it nearly took ma soul away to get it repaired. So it depends on complaint. cheers MTNL is a good Broadband service varna Baki ki to bat hi kya hai !!!!!!!!!!!
sam () [ Reply ] 2009-06-16 12:43:34
@Rishi, Really it happens to many of my friends as well.. Government work India is not changed from the time of independence.. Believe me It became a nightmare for me to have been disconnected from MTNL.. I have got sify and Airtel as well..and there service is far good from MTNL.. Yes i too agree with the speed of MTNL at starting... But it happens to decrease if you use it for longer
mrinal () [ Reply ] 2009-06-24 15:40:51
plz can anyone tell me What to write in application when applying for disconnection of broadband?
sam () [ Reply ] 2009-06-24 15:59:56
@Mrinal, To, The Director MTNL (Here write the directorial full area like "MTNL Laxmi nagar, Delhi, ") Sir, I want to disconnect my MTNL broadband Internet connection. I am your user from (write date or aprox year). My MTNL no. is 011..... Please process my request as soon Regards Your name: Signature: Full Address: Date: =============== ======= You have to take all accessories like Modem, cable, adapter, splitter, CD ... with you when you are going for submission of this application
deepak () [ Reply ] 2009-06-25 20:17:17
@Kiran, the above article is the the truth in rohini area.The government employees of rohini area are very lazy employee. wonder how I know this because I am facing it too. I am complaining for signal disconnection for about 4 months sending letter to A>G>M to nodal officer but nobody reply. So if it is not happening in your area that dosn't mean it isn't happening in other area. So please mention your area.

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