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Samsung Galaxy Tablet !!!




Samsung Galaxy Tablet may be the first real challenger to the Apple-iPad. It’s not just because of the higher screen resolution and it runs Android.Drag and drop high definition videos onto it - they just work.You can copy & paste all your Word, Excel, PowerPoint files onto it as the .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files and you can also view and edit these files. Take it on the road and use it as a GPS device with built in maps. The Samsung Galaxy Tab available at only Rs. 38,000/- only. If you really want the ultimate all-in-one mobile device just go for it. The Galaxy also doubles up as a 3G phone unlike the iPad. The Galaxy Tab also has dual camera, pre-loaded India maps by MapmyIndia and available with amazing media playback capabilities.



The Android-based Galaxy Tab contains a 7-inch screen, a 1-GHz Hummingbird processor, and Dual Camera: 3-megapixel one with a camcorder & flash; the other one 1.3-megapixel front camera for video calls. The back of the device is coated in white shiny plastic while the front with a familiar flush black bezel & glass screen but the screen and bezel do appear less glossy than the Apple’s iPad. There are four touch buttons on the front side and a headphone jack on the top edge with a volume rocker, micro SD card slot & power button on the right edge.


The tablets stands out of all the precious devices among few models available to buy. Samsung Galaxy tablet instantly draws comparisons with Apple's ipad, but with a 7-inch 1024 x 600 display screen compared to the ipad's 9.7-inch 1024 x 768 screen version, the Galaxy Tab is a good but a little bit smaller. At just 385g which is nearly half the weight of the 3G version of the i-pad. It is also compact and measuring 190 x 120 x 12mm. These makes a real difference in day-to-day use with i-pad which has aching arms after just a little use. It is great for extended browsing sessions.

The Tab works on Android 2.2 which offers wireless tethering and Flash support, a big one-up on the i-pad. The latest Google mobile operating system is much speedy so any task carried out on the Tab runs smoothly and quickly like screen rotation, web browsing and opening and switching between apps. The Tab is featured a pull-down menu so that you can drag down the screen to open. This contains updating of any new instant messages, emails, video chats and controlling the GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, synchronization and brightness settings from the menu.

The Tab comes with a pre-loaded wide selection of applications. The voice search application works pretty, although it recognizes long phrases better than short terms. You can search through the web, social notworking sites or Android apps by using the voice tool. The Tab offers Gmail apps pre-loaded for Email, with IMAP, Pop3 or Exchange email accounts.

The Samsung Tab isn't pushing social media, unlike other devices such as the Blackberry Torch where almost all of your social feeds can be viewed at one place. However, it's not a pretty painful process to download and set up your social accounts on the Tab. We can use the Facebook, Skype and Twitter apps, and they all work as expected with speedy updates.


Using the web on the Tab is a pleasurable experience. Page loading is so fast and the screen rotates also very smoothly that depends on if you want landscape or portrait mode. The standard Android browser offers you a multi window option in Tab, which makes easy to scroll through any web page you want to open. A little bit niggle is zooming in and out that is not as smooth as on other touchscreen devices that you have used previously.

The touchscreen takes a bit of getting used to as its not as sensitive as devices like the Apple’s iphone so it requires a firmer push for example when trying to bring up the virtual keyboard for entering text into a search bar. The keys are in rectangular shape, with the height which is about twice the width, and you’ll found it quite easy to type without making too many mistakes. The width of the device screen meant for it is comfortable to text input while holding the Tab in your hands without having to place it on a table or lap.

Phone functionality is another area where the Tab beats the Ipad. You can use the Tab as a normal cellphone, although you either need to use as a speakerphone or have a plugged in headset. It isn't really seems that the phone connection is a big selling point for the Tab but calling quality is good.

The Tab has been featured with a GPS receiver, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and it's also capable of 3G connections with1GHz Cortex A8 processor powers and is helped out by a Power SGX540 graphics card. There is 16GB of internal flash memory and a Micro SD card slot that accepts up to 32GB memory in size for storage. There's also 2GB of internal storage provided for apps.

The Samsung Galxy Tab offers you video recording and HD-video playback. The 1024x600 resolution screen gives you widescreen aspect ratio with crisp and clear media quality. The 1.3 megapixel front and 3.0 megapixel rear-facing cameras makes it better device. Good quality shots are of and it is easy to share video files & pictures through the on-screen menus.


Android 2.2, Slim and lightweight, high browsing speed and for other other tasks, quick screen rotation, long battery life.


High price, zoom in and zoom out isn't so smooth.

In brief

The Samsung Galaxy Tab may be good rival to the Apple-ipad. Major benefits are Android 2.2, dual camera and phone capabilities with excellent battery life. The Tab is a device of good size and weight and text input is not a issue because of the wide area keypad. The only issue is the high price.

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