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Views: 672 is best freeware Fusker Engine to search and download pictures and videos.

Like all .NET programs Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 should be preinstalled to run Nav.Net.


xbrowser1.JPG This is the main application window. Main window is basically an internet browser. It is possible to browse regular pages but its main purpose is displaying the autogenerated galleries.
xchristina1.JPG This is the search window. Now searching for “Christina Aguilera” keyword. Thumbnails represents a search result. Numbers under the thumbnails are the image count of the search result.
xanna1.JPG Now searching for “Anna Kournikova” keyword. Recently searched keywords listed under the left-side tree. Switching between results is easy. Double clicking to a search result will generate a image gallery.
xannathumb.JPG This is an autogenerated gallery from a search result. Gallery displayed in browser view. Search still continues under the Search view.
xannaimg.JPG Doubleclicking to a gallery thumbnail will display the image result.
xannavidres.JPG Searching for videos of Anna Kournikova.
xannavideo.JPG Playing a video. Videos found from Youtbue can be downloaded by clicking the Download link.
xpbsearch1.JPG Searching for “Sexy Girls” from Photobucket.
Download: Download (4.2 beta)

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