A real heart touching story….No one can suffer like this..

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There was a boy in high school we will call Joey. One day Joey leaned

over to the girl sitting next to him in class and whispered, "Red

Roses "

The shocked girl stood up, slapped Joey in the face and went crying to

the teacher. The teacher called Joey to the desk and asked what he had


"Red roses" was Joey's reply, at which the teacher screamed and sent

poor Joey to the principal's office.


As Joey waited in the lobby to be called in, he pondered what was

happening to him. His thoughts where cut short by the sound of the

secretary saying he could go in. Joey walked into the office and was

told to take a seat, which he did.

After telling the story of how he had been wrongly accused and how he

knew there was some mistake, the principal smiled and asked, "OK,

Joey, I understand. What did you say to her?" Joey was sure the

principal would be a reasonable man and responded "Red roses." you

could watch as the principal turned red and shouted "YOU'RE EXPELLED!



Joey asked to wait for the bus to take him home, since he lived some

distance away. "NO!" Then Joey was informed that if he were caught on

the premises again, he would be arrested for trespassing.

Very distraught, Joey set out on his way home. He had made it about a

mile down the road when Old Man Jones, the local pig farmer, stopped

and offered a ride home. Joey, being very upset, of course, accepted

the ride.

Not more than a mile down the road, Old Man Jones asked why Joey

wasn't in school, so Joey told the story of the events that had

happened that day. At the end of the story, the old man said that it

sounded like Joey had quite a rough time of it "Oh, and what did you

say?" Joey hesitated-- should he tell the man what he said, or not? He

decided to tell him. "Red roses."

The tires squealed as the truck ground to a halt.Old Man Jones reached

over and opened the door and pushed Joey out on his ear.


Now very angry, Joey got up, brushed himself off, and continued on his

way home. Upon arriving at home, Joey's mother, Mrs. Campbell, saw

that her son wasn't looking too good, and asked why he hadn't caught

the bus. Joey told her. She fixed Joey a bowl of soup and then asked,

"Joey, dear, what on earth did you say to that little girl?" Joey

wasn't sure what to do. He knew his mother loved him, but he didn't

want her to have the same reaction everyone else had. But he told her

anyway. "Red roses."

Joey waited in his room with a bruised ego and a sore bottom,


wondering what would happen when his father got home. Six o'clock came

around and Joey's father got home. He could hear his parents arguing

outside his door and then suddenly it was quiet. Mr.. Campbell came

into the room and said, "Your mother told me you had some trouble at

school, but I told her you and I would figure it out.

But the first thing is you have to tell me what you said." "OK, Dad, I

said red roses'," was Joey's response. "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU"RE NO



The next morning, Joey decided he needed to get a job. It was awhile

before he found anyone who would hire a 15-year-old who had been

expelled from high school and kicked out of the house. But Joey wasn't

a quitter, and he did find a job working at a gas station in a

neighboring town. After a few months, Joey had managed to get settled

in his new job and had even moved into the apartment over his boss'


On a particularly slow day at work Joey's boss asked what had happened

that caused everything that had happened to happen. Joey went into

along story of emotional stress,misunderstood d youth, the pain of

having lost all of his friends and family in one fateful day. The tale

Joey spun was so powerful; his boss was moved to tears and, out of

compassion, offered to adopt Joey.

With the first smile to cross his lips in months, Joey accepted. On the

way to the court proceedings a few days later, Joey's boss asked him,

"Exactly, what did you say to her?" Without thinking, Joey replied,

"Red roses." His boss grew as white as a ghost and said, "That was my

niece, you little pervert!"


Once again, Joey was without a friend in the world. The next day Joey

took all the money he had managed to save and bought a bus ticket "to

wherever the farthest place from here is.

As he waited for his bus, a little old lady sat down next to him on

the bench. Even though he didn't want to, she started talking, and

before you knew it, she had heard almost the whole story. But she

interrupted and asked what he had said."Ma'am, I said 'red roses'.

Well, the words were just barely out of his mouth when she started

beating him with her cane.


In order to flee the fury of the old woman, he ran across the road,

but he never made it to the other side. He was hit by a speeding Mack

truck and he died.

The moral of this story is..............




























Always look both ways before crossing the street.

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