A Rare Assemblage of 18th & 19th Century Photographs of Various Monuments of Indian Cities

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A Rare Picture Of Famous Love Symbol Taj Mahal Taken In 1870's

An 1870’s vintage photograph of Taj Mahal- the famous Love Symbol in the world.



The Batta Waterfall below Mussoorie Church - 1860's

An 1866-CE clicked serenetic photograph of Batta Waterfall (located down to Mussoorie Church) of Mussoorie. This vintage belongs to Strachey Collection of Indian Views' by British photographer Samuel Bourne.



View of Delhi from Jama Masjid/Jumma Masjid - 1860's

An old photograph of Chandni Chowk Street, photographed from the side of Jumma Masjid (Jama Masjid) in Year 1860.



Man Selling Various Daily Need Products At A Shop In Chandni Chowk - Delhi Circa 1862

An archaic of a vendor selling various daily need products at his shop in old streets of Chandni Chowk- Delhi1862-CE.



The University Hall Of Bombay- From 1870s

An 1870-CE photograph of the University of Bombay (the now University of Mumbai since 1996) located at the Fort area in South of Mumbai-Maharashtra.



Tram Running in Chandni Chowks Street- From Year 1910

An early 19th Century photograph of a Tram running in hustle-bustle street of Old Chandni Chowk. Do glance the Urdu Banner hanging near the left of Trams ceiling, which literally reads "Bijli Ka Haspatal"/"Electricity Hospital".



The View of Delhi Durbar - 1903

The above photograph of 2nd Delhi Durbar [Court of Delhi] was held in Year 1903 to celebrate the Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra as Emperor and Empress of India. It was a mass assembly held at the Coronation Park of Delhi.



The Rumi Darwaza and The First Courtyard of the Bara Imambara Complex - Lucknow 1860's

A vintage photograph from Lucknow with Rumi Darwaza focalized in the centre and the First Courtyard of the Bara Imambara Complex on the left – clicked in Year 1860.



Southwest View of the Bara Imambara - Lucknow Uttar Pradesh  1858

A side view of the Bara Imambara of Lucknow, taken in Year 1870.



1860's Vintage View Of Jama Masjid Delhi

A sparse photograph of the 1860's Jama MasjidDelhi.



A Vintage Photograph Of Jama Masjid, Delhi From The Year 1865

An 1865-CE view of Jama Masjid, clicked from the present Meena Bazar location.



The Pearl Mosque or Moti Masjid Located Inside Red Fort Delhi - 1880's

An 1880-CE archaic of Moti Masjid/Pearl Mosque located at Red Fort-Chandni Chowk-Delhi.



Indian National Flag hosted in Chadni Chowk in New Delhi on Independence Day in 1947

1947-CE vintage photograph clicked on the eve of Independence Day, when the Indian National Flag used to be hosted atop the Ghanta Ghar/Clock Tower located at the main Chandni Chowk Street of Delhi.



The Kohala Bridge located over the Jhelum River -  From 1880's

An 1880-CE vintage photograph of the Kohala Bridge- a Jhelum River located bridge, which also stands as one of the land routes adjoining Azad Kashmir to the rest of Pakistan.



Delhi's Kashmiri Gate, The Now ISBT Looked Like This In 1860's

An 1860-CE vintage photograph of the Kashmir Gate located at Kashmiri Gate (spelled as Kashmere Gate under British Raj) in Delhi. It was built in Year 1835 by Military Engineer Robert Smith, and as the gate was facing towards Kashmir, so it was named as Kashmiri Gate.



The Kashmir Gate Located At Kashmiri Gate, Delhi - From Year1895

Another vintage of Delhi located Kashmere Gate - Year 1895.



Shankaracharya Temple On Takht-E-Suleiman Hill Of Srinagar Kashmir 1880's

This vintage photograph of the Lord Shiva’s dedicated Shankaracharya Temple was taken in Year 1880. Located atop the Takht-E-Suleiman hill of Srinagar-Kashmir, this temple is also known as Jyesteshwara Temple & Pas-Pahar Temple.



Scientific Dentists - Delhi

A Dentist Clinic in olden times. Date and Time are not confirmed about the same.



Qutb Minar compound - Delhi 1875

An 1875-CE clicked photograph of the Qutab Complex remnants.



Qutb Minar Compound - Delhi 1870's

An 1870-CE raw photograph of Delhi’s Qutab Minar Complex.



Girls Of A Nautanki Group dancing in the streets of Old Delhi - India 1906

An 1906-CE archaic showcasing two men tuning dholaks (Hand Drum, also Naal or Dholki) and three young girls from a street vending Nautanki Group, dancing on the streets of Old Delhi (India) to earn their livelihood.



A Vintage Photograph Of Old Fort/Purana Qila of Delhi

A vintage photograph of Delhi located Purana Qila/Old Fort taken in late 18th Century.



Photograph of the Ganges riverbank around Ram Ghat - Banares (Varanasi) 1869

A Year 1869 clicked photograph of Ganges Riverbank surrounding Ram Ghat of Varanasi (Benares that time).




Photo Of Martand Temple From Srinagar-Kashmir-India, Taken In 19th Century

A 19th Century Indian vintage of Jammu & Kashmir's Anantnag district located Martand Sun Temple. It was built somewhere in 7th or 8th CE by the Kshatriya king Lalitaditya of the Surya (Solar) Dynasty, to honor God Bhaskar- the Sun God. It stands as a marvelous fusion of Buddhist and Hindu Architecture but was wrecked by Sikandar Butshikan- the Second Sultanate of the Gabari Tajik Dynasty of Kashmir.




A rare early 19th century photograph of Chandni Chowk, when tram used to run over there.

A 19th Century archaic from Delhi, when tram used to run on old streets of Chandni Chowk.




the old court house street of Kolkata(Calcutta) taken in 18th Century

A mid 18th Century vintage photograph of the Old Court House Street of Calcutta (now Kolkata).




Manasbal Lake Of Kashmir In 1880's

An 1880-CE classic photograph of the Jammu & Kashmir's Manasbal Lake located at Jhelum Valley in the North of Srinagar.




The Custom House Port Of Calcutta (Kolkata) 1865

The Custom House Port of Calcutta (Kolkata), Year 1865.



A Rare Picture Of Khoodsia Baug [Qudsia Bagh] Musjeed, Delhi - In 1858

A rare Picture of Khoodsia Baug (Qudsia Bagh) Musjeed of Delhi taken in Year 1858.



Humayun's Mausoleum (Tomb) - Delhi, 1860

An 1860-CE vintage photograph of Delhi located Humayun's Mausoleum (Tomb).




An archaic Of Hindoo Rao's House, Delhi -Taken In 1858, Where The Present Hindu Rao Hospital Is Located

Taken in Year 1858, it’s an archaic of Hindoo Rao's House, where the present Hindu Rao Hospital stands. It was named after the Maratha Chief Shri Hindu Rao Ghatake, who purchased this property in Year 1835 from Sir William, and after his death it was converted to a 16 bedded small nursing home in 1911. Later undertaken by the Delhi State Govt. in 1951 it was then converted to the present general hospital. Located near Hans Raj College and Baraf Khana of Old Subzi Mandi area, this ASI protected building also houses another building called Peer Grah Sahib and a Baoli (Water Body).




Vintage photograph of the Lahore High Court in Circa 1900. Taken from the Anglican Cathedral Grounds

Taken from the Anglican Cathedral Grounds- A vintage photograph of the Lahore High Court clicked in 1900-CE.




An archaic Picture Of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah - Delhi Taken In 1860's

An 1860-CE classic archaic of Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah of Delhi.




Century Old Photograph Of Jaipur Located Hawa Mahal Taken In Year 1905

A century old photograph of the Hawa Mahal of Jaipur from Year 1905.




H.M.S. Shannon at Calcutta (Kolkata) - Mid 19th Century (between 1858 - 1861)

The famous H.M.S. Shannon- a Royal Navy - 38 Gun - Leda Class Frigate, at the coast of Calcutta (Kolkata)- Mid 19th Century, somwhere in 1858 – 1861 CE.




A Picture Of Amritsar's(Punjab) Golden Temple Taken In 1880's

An archaic of Amritsar's (Punjab) Golden Temple, taken in 1880-CE.




A Century Old Photograph Of Lucknow's Hussainnabad Gateway, Taken By Samuel-Bourne In 1863

An 1863 Year clicked vintage photograph of Hussainnabad Darwaza/Gateway of Lucknow. This Photograph was taken by Samuel Bourne- a renowned photographer from Britain.



A 1870-1880 Year Photograph Showing Clock Tower And Tram Running At The Main Chandni Chowk Street

An 1870-1880-CE vintage photograph showing Ghanta Ghar/Clock Tower & a Tram running at the main Chandni Chowk Street [where the present Town Hall (opposite to Nai Sarak) rests].




Main Street Of Chandni Chowk, Delhi In Year 1858

A vintage photograph of the Old Chandni Chowk Street of Delhi, taken in Year 1858.



A Street Scene Of Jama Masjid Road From Year 1907

A Year-1907 vintage photograph of Old Chandni Chowk Street clicked near Jama Masjid.




Chandani Chowk's Main Street View In Year 1865.

An archaic of Chandni Chowk's Main Street, from Year 1865.



 A Picture Of Chandni Chowk Taken From Jumma Masjid In Year 1870.

A picture of Old Chandni Chowk Street, (the present Chawari Bazar Street) taken from Jumma Masjid (Jama Masjid) in Year 1870.



Alai Darwaza in Qutb Minar Complex the entrance to the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque

An 1860-CE vintage photograph showing an angular view of Alai Darwaza- the only composed entrance of the four grand gateways planned for the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque at the Qutb Minar Complex.



The Old Howrah Bridge Of Calcutta-(Kolkata) In Year 1912

A vintage photograph of the Old Howrah Bridge of Calcutta (Kolkata) taken in Year 1912.

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