Mindblowing Optical Illusion – The Afterimage Effect!!

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See how our mind Convert Images from one form to another. Try it.. You will be amazed!!

1. Stare at the ‘red dot’  when the image is negative. The image will turn into a colorful beach scene but in actual its Black and white, Isn’t it




2.Similarly as the one above now its a colorful Egyptian pyramid.




3. Artist John Sandowski created this gif, you will see a colorful rock arch image.




4.Closely stare at the four dot in the middle of this image for about 30 seconds, then look away on any plain surface, you will see Jesus Christ.




5. stare at the white dot in the middle you see color image of crocodile hunter Steve Irwin with a crocodile.



6. stare at the white dot when the picture is yellowish and when image swap you will see a beautiful waterfall scene with rainbow in full color.



7. This is another rainbow color effect stare at the black dot and when image changes to black and white u will see a full colored rainbow image.




8.just stare at fast switching Christian Bale’s face, as the gif rapidly switches between the negative and black and white image to reveal the colorful image.


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