Paranormal Activity: A new terrifying low budget film shot on a camcorder… (news + 2 pictures)

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paranormal activity

A new American scary movie, Paranormal Activity, has been creating a stir stateside - and it is coming to cinemas in Britain next month.

The terrifying film, which gets its UK release on November 27, is a low budget horror flick shot and directed in the style of The Blair Witch Project.

It cost just $15,000 dollars (£9,300) to make and features an unknown cast and crew.

Paranormal Activity is about a young middle class couple who have just moved into a starter home in San Diego.

They have become convinced that a demonic presence lurks in their bedroom at night when they try to sleep - so they decide to set up a video camera to catch it.

Made mostly on a handheld camcorder, it is gaining huge momentum in the run-up to Hallowe'en.

It stars newcomers Micah Sloat, who plays a cocky and sure of himself Micah, and Katie Featherston, who plays the sweet and charming Katie who has been through a haunting before.

Katie has been obsessed by dark spiritual forces since her childhood, which have followed her from house to house, attracted to her for reasons that go unexplained.

This is bad news for her boyfriend Micah, a young trader, with whom she has just moved in.

When odd things start happening around Katie again, Micah decides to buy a video camera and film the occurrences in the hopes of capturing something on tape - or debunking her fears.

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