Madonna's 333 MILLION Ruble Soup

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Pop star Madonna is in a big soup along with the organizers of her recent tour to Russia. The ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ hit maker has been gifted a 333 Million Rubles lawsuit by some Russian anti-gay activists for her articulation towards homosexuals in the St. Petersburg concert held in August.
Though the hearing has been postponed to 25th of October due to the confusion over organizers of Madonna's show, whom those racial-activists are suing along with the concert venue owners but she solelyy is expected to face a good heap of charges as the concertgoers included as young as 12 year kids where she unknowingly broke a local law banning the propaganda of homosexuality to minors, and in addition to it she also distributed pinks bands amongst the audience to show liberation for the Russian gay and lesbian communities which might also won’t go good with the conservative Russian group.

Madonna's Russian Concert Picture. Madonna's Russian Lawsuit

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