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Ek yug tha jab log apne ghar ke dwar pe likhte the: ATITHI DEVO BHAVA
Phir likha: SHUBH LABH
Phir likhne lage: U R WELCOME
Aur ab likhte hain: KUTTON SE SAVDHAN


It takes 15 trees to produce the amount of paper that we use to write one exam.

Join us in promoting the noble cause of saving trees.



Train mein TT Sadhu se bola: Kahan jana hai?
Sadhu: Jahan Ram ka janam hua tha.
TT: Ticket hai?
Sadhu: Nahin
TT: Chalo
Sadhu: Kahan?
TT: Jahan Krishan ka janam hua tha.. Jail mein


Once in a jungle all the animals were eating PAN PARAG PAN MASALA
But girraffe was not eating. Why?
Because Oonche log oonchi pasand MANIKCHAND


What do u call a woman in heaven?
An Angel
A crowd of woman in heaven?
A host of Angels
And all woman in heaven?


Ladies hostel caught Fire. It took 1 hour to bring the fire under
control and another 3 hours to bring the firemen under control.


Nobody is ever satisfied,

Poor men wish they were rich,

Rich men wish they were handsome,

Bachelors wish they were married

& Married men wish they were Dead!


A girl says to her boyfriend, "One kiss and I'll be yours forever."
The guy says 'thanks for the warning'


Wife: Who's that women who is staring at us?
Hubby:Shhhh. i wud have a tough time explaning to her tomorow who u are


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