Photoshop mistakes….. Isn’t it blunder??

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Photoshop blunder is not new but if it happens to big companies and models…. Then it’s a real mistakes..


Who ate her leg???



Without any crack in hip!!!!!!




An extra hand????

Photoshop_mistakes (2)


Your legs are to long..!!!

 Photoshop_mistakes (3)


Ghost holding the plate

Photoshop_mistakes (4)


The magic of half wheel this is for Aids charity!!

Photoshop_mistakes (5)


OMG!! Alien baby with seven fingers!!!!!

Photoshop_mistakes (6)


High school musical.. Designer is still in grade school

Photoshop_mistakes (7)


She lost her leg in dieting

Photoshop_mistakes (8)


What????????? they forgot to put belly button!!!!

Photoshop_mistakes (9)


An extra hand


Photoshop_mistakes (10)


The multimillionaire video game company saved 12 dollars instead of buying the image from iStockPhoto.


Photoshop_mistakes (11)


The perfect reflection … is it possible


Photoshop_mistakes (13)


Where is the little finger??? (a still from a Portuguese movie)


Photoshop_mistakes (14)



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