Story behind ‘London Dreams’ : SRK-Amir Rashque!

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Wondering what are we talking about? Here’s the answer… Reportedly, the much talked about film, London Dreams with Ajay Devgan, Asin and Salman Khan wasn’t anything what it is right now.

London Dreams was apparently, a film by Raj Kumar Santoshi with the title, Rashque (jealousy in Urdu). This isn’t enough! The film had Shah Rukh doing Ajay’s part and Aamir doing Salman’s role.

A source says, “In principle both actors loved the script, said they wanted to go home and sleep over it before they started principal photography. But for months on end, Raj Santoshi chased both actors independently and neither of them reverted.’’
Unfortunately, the joint project between the two Khans couldn’t work out and Rashque turned into London Dreams with Ajay and Sallu with Vipul Shah behind the camera. However, we’d love to see the two geniuses together on-screen someday, isn’t it!


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