Roadies star Tammana’s sex tape launched… How She clarifies read This

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What’s The Story?


Roadies Season five contestant, Tamanna, is now right in the middle of a storm that threatens to destroy her reputation and life off-screen.

A Mumbai tabloid has recently claimed that they're in possession of a 'clip' that features Tamanna indulging in sexually explicit activities. The paper is also claiming the clip is a rage and that it's doing its rounds in Mumbai.

The Roadies star has however slammed the reports. In an interview with the publication, Tamanna lashed out at the reporter responsible for the story and accused the individual of spreading wild rumours.

"How dare you people do this to me. If I will give out your number to the police you will come to know of the consequences. But I don't want to do such things. Faltu ki cheezen ho," raged the TV star.

She also accused fellow Roadies 5.0 contestant Palak (with whom she never got along on the show) of conspiring against her and spreading lies about the sex tape!

"If you surf the web you will find a sex clip of Bobby (another contestant) too. And why not Palak? She is such a famous s**t. Her sex-clip is famous in Chandigarh," argued Tamanna.

Roadies 5.0 was the latest season of MTV's adventure-based reality show that has contestants carrying out various 'tasks' to get ahead of the competition.




An Interview of Tamanna with the Mid Day After this News:

An explosive Tamanna tells MiD DAY there is no sex-clip on her and says the paper should have published the 'real' sextapes of her fellow Roadies Palak and Bobby instead

Tamanna, actually we need to clarify a few things. I have been trying to contact you since yesterday.

I don't want to talk to people like you. How dare you publish that story! How can you do this to a person when you don't have any proof? You are ruining someone's image. (Shouts) Aaap logon ko ek per cent sharam nahin aayi yeh sab karte hue?

Actually, we tried to speak to you, we were trying to contact you since yesterday.

You don't know which  family I belong to, you don't know the power I have. You did this just to earn some cheap publicity.

Tamanna, let me make it very clear that it was  not for publicity. The story clearly says that the girl on the sex- tape is someone resembling you.

Apka matlab kya tha! The idea was such that someone might have committed suicide.

We even tried to contact MTV!

Nahin! How dare you people do this to me. If I will give out your number to the police you will come to know of the consequences. But I don't want to do such things. Faltu ki cheezen ho.

Tamanna, please listen to me!

I don't give a damn about you people. Kisi aur ladki ki photo laga ke aap ne meri reputation kharab ki. What the f*** is this.

See Tamanna the clip is floating in your name. This is what people do. We were just trying to show that.

But I don't think you have showed it anywhere. You used quotes from Palak, Nauman, but nowhere did you say prominently that it is misuse of technology.

But we have taken quotes from top models, including Gauhar Khan, Anupama Verma clearly saying how celebrities are targeted.

You know mera naam aaya hai us mein! I want to stay away from such things. Pesh karne ka ek tarika hota hai. Apka pesh karne ka tarika galat tha.

Look Tamanna, the thing is that you're already a celebrity now. And we only tried to tell the people how the cyber criminals target celebrities.

You have not mentioned the word technology even once. What you said is MMS, shocking news, etc etc. Even if you wanted to tell the people that this is how technology is misused, the message that has reached the people is that a sex MMS on Tamanna is out.

We did not just say that celebrities are targeted in this manner, but talked to a number of them to drive home the point.

See, I don't care about anybody else. I am concerned about myself.

We are doing a follow-up of the story, that's why I am talking to you. You can say whatever you have to say.

I haven't seen your paper and I will be able to speak only after I read the news item.

It is available on the Internet. If you have anything to say to your fans you tell us. We are a medium through which you can reach them.

I am not ready to speak as of now. Why me?

That's what we said. People are targeted in this manner and it is just that it was you this time.

Sir, if you surf the web you will find a sex clip of Bobby too. And why not Palak? She is such a famous s**t. Her sex-clip is famous in Chandigarh.

I always wanted to speak to you before the story. I wanted the people to know what you have to say about it. I stand by what I did and I want you to tell your fans that you were wronged.

Tamanna hangs up the phone.


'If you can find my sex clip, publish it'

Says Tamanna's fellow Roadies contestant Palak


Why is Tamanna blaming you for the sex clip?

I don't know. You should ask her. Somebody is trying to gain a moral high ground by showing me down. I have no doubt that Tamanna can feature in a sex clip. She is blaming me because she wants to defend herself. You will find me in Punjabi music videos and the role I played in Singh is Kingg, not in sex clips.

Tell us something about Tamanna. When we spoke to her, she alleged that a sex clip showing you is in every mobile in Chandigarh.

Oh really! Then you should go to Chandigarh and see for yourself. And if you do find it, publish the news. You can even put my picture and caption it scandalous.
I don't know why she kept targeting me on the show. She has given women a bad name. Even during the show, she allowed Nauman to enter her bedroom at midnight and kiss her. I was targeted because I am a straightforward person. Had I been diplomatic, I would have also been able to keep my image clean.

Do you feel Tamanna can feature in a sex clip?

If she can make such an allegation about me, she can do that too.

She has claimed on record that there is a sex clip that features you and Bobby.
Do you feel that if Bobby or me were s**ts, Anees Bazmi and Akshay Kumar would have worked with me or Sohail Khan would have signed me in Kisan?

At the end of the road

Ripped from the US-based reality show Survivor, MTV Roadies is about "travel, adventure, drama and a touch
of voyeurism" in the words of Raghu Ram, the creator of the series.
The show, which has completed six seasons, has changed the fortune of many of its contestants. Ranvijay Singh and Ayushman Khurana, winners of Roadies season 1 and 2, went on to become popular VJs on MTV.
Another winner, Ashutosh Kaushik, emerged the winner in the second season of Bigg Boss.
Even the finalists of the show have become popular. While Shambhavi Sharma was offered a role in The Little Godfather produced by Ekta Kapoor, contestant Anmol Singh bagged a role in Ekta Kapoor's Kuchh Is Tara.
Now, both of them host the talk show G talk on MTV.

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