Now it’s good time for Rakhi, Mika wants to get married this year!!!

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Mika is know going to get married this year he said "I have achieved more than i thought.I always wanted to have a knocker and i have achieved it too. But Now I thought it’s time to get settled. I plan to get married this year and when I find the right girl, it will be 'chat mangni pat byaah.

He also added “People often say I have this or that image, but it's not a constructed thing, it's who I am but it will not affect my life as a husband. I want a partner who accepts me as I am and I know I will be a good faithful husband.”

He explained how popular he is and is getting proposals not even in india but from outside. He said “I started receiving proposals when I was 21 and I have received thousands of proposals from NRI families over the years but I would prefer an Indian girl.”

He also said about his religious and traditional believe and how marriage is important and giving special through to our life he said “Marriage is a very important one and I believe in its sanctity, it's important to share your life with somebody and I am looking for the right person now”.

He ended up the conversation and said “I have decided to sing during my wedding. I charge Rs 15 lakhs to sing at weddings and I don't want to pay that kind of money to anyone else.”

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