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Ajay Devgan’s ‘All The Best’ voilates the copyright

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Ajay Devgan might land up in trouble. A Bollywood producer has moved the High Court, alleging that a film produced by Ajay Devgan, to be released next week, is based on a script of which he has the copyrights.

Petitioner Karan Ramsay has also sought direction from the court seeking to restrain Devgan Films from releasing All The Best. The film is directed by Rohit Shetty.
The High Court is slated to hear the case on October 12. No order has been passed in the case yet.

According to Ramsay, All The Best script is too similar to that of Uncle Samza Karo (USK), the film Ramsay is producing.
He claims that he bought copyrights of USK from Paritosh Painter, the scriptwriter, in November 2006.
He further alleges that Painter sold the same script to Devgan Films, infringing Ramsay's copyrights.
According to Ramsay, Painter had tried to retrieve copyrights of the script in 2007.
In the arbitration proceedings that followed, Indian Motion Pictures And Producers Association ruled that Ramsay owned the copyrights.
Yet, Devgan Films made the film based on the same script, he alleges.

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