“This is not your sweetheart “…Salman said to Neil

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Neil Nitin Mukesh has a habit, he calls his close buddies- sweetheart, and his latest co-star from New York is his latest close buddy and that’s where the trouble began.

A source reveals, “Recently, Salman had gone to the airport to pick up girlfriend Katrina Kaif. After he picked her up from the airport, he took her phone and suddenly dialed Neil’s number. Like he usually does while attending calls from friends, Neil picked up the phone and said, ‘Hello, sweetheart’. As soon as Neil uttered the words, Salman immediately said, ‘This is not your sweetheart.’

Neil was taken aback and he immediately realised that it was Salman on the line and not Katrina.” So Neil immediately apologized and said, `I am sorry, sir’, however Salman did not immediately forgived him instead warned him from referring to people’s girlfriends as sweethearts, Neil was really very sorry.

The source adds, Much to Neil’s surprise, when he later met Salman, the latter didn’t even raise the subject. In fact, Salman met Neil very warmly and also gifted him some Being Human (Salman’s charitable organisation) T-shirts, which Neil often wears.” Neil confirms the news and said, “Yes, this did happen. Katrina is a dear friend. I have become a bigger fan of Salmanbhai after I recently met him.

I always address those I love as sweethearts. They (Salman and Katrina) are truly sweethearts.” So boys never call Sallu’s Katrina a sweetheart again!

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