”The ‘Drona’ sequel will be made” – Goldie Behl

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Shah Rukh and his son Aryan loved Drona. And Goldie Behl is relieved and happy. "It's important for children to enjoy Drona. I'm glad Aryan enjoyed it. I made the film for the child and the child at heart, not for those who like their cinema entertainment twisted and perverse."

In fact Goldie will now dedicate the Drona sequel to Shah Rukh's son and his own son Ranvir. It may or may not be the season of sequels. But it seems no power on earth will prevent Goldie Behl from doing a sequel to Drona.

In fact Abhishek Bachchan who's the only Indian actor to have done multiple sequels (Dhoom-Dhoom 2, Sarkar-Sarkar Raj) is most kicked by the idea of getting into the Drona togs once again. "It's a very interesting possibility. And taking the story forward is an idea that we've planted into the climax of the story. I don't see why we should change our minds. It's a new genre. There're no reference points to Drona in the audience's movie-viewing experience. Initially they were bound to be a bit confused, as we always are by something new. We were prepared for that'', says Abhishek, undeterred by some skeptical responses to Drona.

At the end of Drona, we're shown Drona's son (played by producer Shristhi Arya's son Veer) being tailed by the same supernatural powers as his father. The sequel, it is understood, will launch a new young actor as Abhishek's son and will carry the adventures of Drona into a new realm.

Says a source close to the project, "Goldie may take a break to make another film. But most probably he'll go to the sequel as the very next one. The story of the Drona-in-waiting has to be told. In fact Goldie has already written a major part of the script for the sequel. And will be casting soon."

Goldie Behl remains unwavering in his determination to direct a sequel. "As far as we're concerned, we've made a film that dares to go into an unexplored genre. Critics are all the time complaining about our films being borrowed from foreign sources. When I've attempted something original, why shouldn't I carry the story forward? Shah Rukh loved the film. He told me his son loved the film. My 3-year old son Ranvir saw the first film of his life at the premiere of Drona. And he couldn't take his eyes off the screen."

Goldie says he'll dedicate the Drona sequel to his son and Shah Rukh's son. "And all the children of our country who have to watch crime thrillers and sex comedies because fantasies not made in our country. No matter what the outcome of Drona at the box-office, the sequel will most certainly happen."

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