Source said: Rakhi Sawant will not marry Elesh!!!

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NDTV sources are lying if they claim the Rakhi Sawant-Elesh Parjunwala wedding is still on.

rakhi-elesh Rakhi has categorically told a friend there’s no marriage, that the NDTV’s Swayamvar where Rakhi Sawant apparently chose herself a bridegroom has turned out to be the Great Indian Farce. It mocked not just the institution of marriage but also the viewers’ intelligence.

Interestingly in spite of the first celebrity marriage on Swayamvar turning out to be such a hoax the channel is now going ahead with Season 2 of Swayamvar. This time it's Rahul Mahajan looking for a bride as viewers again get taken for a ride.

Says a wry filmmaker, "First Rakhi Sawant, not Rahul Mahajan will apparently have a strong of intended spouses lining up to marry a man whose wife accused him of spousal abuse. Do these channels think viewers are idiots?"

Controversies and Rakhi Sawant seem to go hand in hand. In fact Pati Patni Aur Woh is being lambasted for using infants as props between couples.

Raising to her show’s defence Rakhi says, “The babies have been brought into the show with their parents’ consent.

There was no pressure. And the babies were treated like royalty. I had no experience in baby care. I am neither a mother nor a nanny in real life. I had to tend to the baby given to me for 24 hours.

I lost 10 kgs in the one month that I was shooting for Pati Patni Aur Woh. I came out of the show dehydrated and ill and had to be hospitalized.”

Rakhi’s parting shot, “After the experience, I’ve decided not to become a mother when I marry. But I’ll have to do reality shows. A single girl has to look after herself.”

source: Santabanta

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