Shilpa Shetty exclusive marriage pictures for 50 lakhs!!

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Shilpa is all set to tie the knot today (22-11-09), with her boyfriend- Raj Kundra. However, it seems that people are desperate to get exclusive pictures of the actress’ wedding.


According to a source, “Recently famous magazine HELLO approached to Shilpa Shetty with a proposal of exclusive pictures of her wedding. But on the contrary the damsel rejected the offer.”
“The magazine offered 36 lakhs for the same but Shilpa seems to be in no mood of making her D-day hyped in the media,” adds the source.

“Shilpa has become an international face after winning Big Brother and definitely the who’s who of the industry and business man will be present for this wedding. Thus the actress wants no hassle may it cost any price,” concludes the source.
Shilpa is quite in demand, we must say!

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