'Angela Jonsson', Salman Khan's New Love Interest

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Angela Jonsson, who shot to fame after winning the 2011 Kingfisher Calendar hunt, is off to the Bollywood’s crown race and none other than Salman Khan is succoring Ms. Jonsson as the leading lady for his eminent home production Sher Khan. The Sher Khan is said to be a gracious mix of Lara Croft and Fearless Nadia, hence the dusky girl is scaling herself with some hard-core martial arts for the same. Also it was reported that the script had a second lead but the role has been scrapped to give Angela a full focus, but for all these she was made clear to live a total house arrest and stay away from ‘Public Performances’, ‘Award Ceremonies’, ‘Late Night Outs’ from now on, since Salman wanted his new birdie to look fresh, and she’s quite good at hitting the headlines every now and then for her various (fictitious or otherwise) link-ups, and so on ….

Angela Jonsson to Work with Salman Khan in 'Sher Khan'

Nevertheless all these sacrifices are nothing since the Mangalorean beauty has bagged NOT less than a 3 film deal by the star’s production house and in addition she has also managed a contract with Sajid Nadiadwala’s production company, making her indulged in Sher khan for 2012 with Kick, No Entry Mein Entry, and Partner 2 for 2013. . The model turning actor dated Ranbir Kapoor in early 2011.

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