Rani's In A Mood To Aiyyaa

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Poster Of Bollywood Movie 'Aiyyaa'

Rani Mukherji is in no mood to leave any stone unturned for her new movie ‘Aiyyaa’ in each and every possible way, the latest example is that she decided to pre-pone the release date of her upcoming movie to 12th of October, which earlier was scheduled to be released on 24th of October. Though we are not saying that Rani’s not eager about her new film, but it in actual is more of a number game. A known numerologist explained that “Rani is a number 3 and her birth date is also March 21, which also adds up to number 3, hence the superstition pushed Rani to re-schedule 'Aiyyaa’ to a two week prior date, i.e.12th of October.

However she did played a strong role in 2011 released ‘No one killed Jessica’ along with Vidya Balan, but her last film as a female lead was  2009 released ‘Dil Bole Hadippa!’ with co-star Shahid Kapoor which tanked at the box office, so now she is keeping a watch in each and every department of the film.

A little time back it was also learnt that this Bengali beauty did spend around 6 hours to get a perfect look for a song at a whooping cost of Rs 10 lakh, that too just for makeup. The source also adds that Rani has even hired her own team to look into the marketing and promotion of the film, and the production house is also happy with the dedication of the actress’s towards the film.


Rani Mukheerji's First look From The Upcoming Film 'Aiyyaa'
 Bollywood Actress Rani Mukherjee And South(Tollywood) Star Prithviraj Starrer Movie 'Aiyyaa'


South Star Prithviraj In Bollywood Movie 'Aiyyaa'

South Star Prithviraj In Bollywood Movie 'Aiyyaa'

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