Prachi Desai Is In Love

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Prachi Desai Is In Love With Zumba


Prachi Desai’s didn't even unzipped her bags from the recent trip to US, and the Bollywood actress is again in a full mood to rush for Zumba. Well she is not planning for another vacation to any place called Zumba, she is instead in love with this Latin American dance form, to which she was introduced while on her trip in US. Famous for its fitness form style, the Bol Bachchan actress has been indulging in the dance form without missing even a single day and has started to feel great from inside with a charming glow on her face.
“Prachi has become addicted to the dance form and ensures that she takes time out for her sessions every day without fail. She’s looking and feeling great ever since she’s got hooked on to it during her visit to the US, so she sees no reason to not continue practicing it at home while in Mumbai.” informs a close friend. She is so poised with the dance form that she has fancied a whole new music collection to go along with.

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