Mallika Sherawat crowned "most beautiful actress"!!

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Famed celebrity photographer Patrick McMullan has crowned Mallika "most beautiful actress"!


While attending New York City's Fashion Week recently, Mallika Sherawat, the first Bollywood star officially recognized by Hollywood honored with a Resolution in her name from the City of Los Angeles, may have added another "first" to her resume.

Famous American photographer Patrick McMullan immortalized the lips of the bombshell, whose activities in America have brought her international recognition well ahead of the release of her newest film, "Hisss", the highly anticipated Indo-American production.

Mr. McMullan is known throughout the world as the preeminent photographer of A-list celebrities and the power elite. His collection is one of the largest archives of famous people in existence, including Salma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Penelope Cruz, Julie Roberts, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and more recently, Mallika Sherawat.

Miss Sherawat was the special guest of McMullan for his Fashion's Night Out event and spywitnesses say the celebrated industry insider "gave an incredible public welcome" to the global glam gal with a "special introduction in front of celebrities and socialites as the 'Marilyn Monroe of Bollywood'", before taking "a very large number of photos" of Mallika to the delight of the crowd, even going so far as to comment in public, "Mallika, you are not only the most beautiful Indian actress, you're the most beautiful actress. Period!"

Our Fashion Week NYC spywitness said Mr. McMullan capped off the evening by asking Mallika if she was once referred to as "Bollywood's kissing queen" and upon seeing her smile, said "Let me capture those luscious lips on my camera" before he proceeded to take a close-up shot of the star's acclaimed kissing instruments, pictured below.
Mallika was then spotted downtown at NYC club Sutra for a friend's birthday party, where Guiness Book of World Record hip-hop artist Chaz Kangas serenaded Mallika with a custom-made freestyle rap in honor of the star.

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