Mahesh bhatt comment on Shahrukh being detained on US Airport!!

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In the wake of ShahRukh Khan being detained at a US airport for two hours because of his ‘surname’, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt says he is concerned

Mahesh Bhatt with the paranoia and “Islamophobia” that has crept in post 9/11.

“The world is seeing Muslims differently,” he says.

He asks, however, “While the US has been very, very severe in scrutinizing people who land into its country, before we shout that ‘this is not done’, let us turn the light inwards this Independence Day and ask ourselves how we treat our own minorities. Whether it is Emraan Hashmi’s flat issue or Shabana Azmi’s, have we been fair to our own minority community?”

He states, “The world is looking at Muslims differently and yes, we need to dismantle this mindset.”

Actor Shah Rkh Khan was detained for over two hours at the Newark airport, New Jersey. He was questioned and released after Indian embassy officials vouched for him. He was in the US to attend Independence Day celebrations. The star, who is currently filming for My Name is Khan, underwent "humiliating" questioning even as he told authorities he was an Indian celebrity. His bodyguards were also grilled.

Several Bollywood celebs are in the US for I-Day celebrations, including Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan.

Source: TOI

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