Kangana's Break-Up With Boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty

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Actress Kangana Ranaut was looking forward to socialize her relationship status publically, but now it is learnt that this Himachali girl has parted ways with her UK based doctor boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty with whom she maintained over a year long secret relation. It happened at the beginning of this week to when they were totally comfortable with each other's company and were spotted together at various events.

The ice broke between them when both had two parallel views regarding their future, while boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty wanted to tie each other in a knot and welcome the newborns as soon as possible, the Bollywood actress Kangana rather wanted to walk the aisle's of a successful Bollywood star to which she already is in middle of. When things were not falling with each other's perceptions then the couple convivially parted their ways.

Kangana Ranaut With Her Ex-Boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty At A Place In Mumbai:

Bollywood Actress Kangana Ranaut With Uk Based Doctor Boyfriend Nicholas Lafferty

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