Is Rohit Verma Really a fashion designer?…must read

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Rohit Verma is a fashion designer from India. Perhaps he has yet to gain some international standing as I could not find him on Wikipedia.

He is one of those interesting personalities who use a lot of lip-gloss, plenty of shiner to highlight their facial features, and try to get noticed among the glamorous models. Claming to be a fashion designer, Rohit Verma entered ‘Bigg Boss’ season 3, but the fashion circuit is in no mood to applaud this ‘one of their clan’s’ entry into reality TV.

There a shocking revelation about the happy and gay contestant of 'Bigg Boss 3'. Rohit Verma has been telling people in the house that he is a fashion designer. In fact, he was introduced into the house tagged as a designer. But, the truth is that he isn’t a designer!

Who Claim About Rohit?

Sunil Sethi, president FDCI is reported to have said, “I personally don’t know Rohit Varma but I have met him at Dubai Fashion Week and I saw his role more as a fashion choreographer than a fashion designer and definitely he is not in the Delhi fashion circuit.” Even a Designers Charu Parashar said, “He claims to be a designer, but isn’t one for sure.”

Rohit’s Earlier Life-:

He studied in Bishop Johnson School and College - Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.In his school days he is so interested fashion designing that he would be sitting at the back sketching amazing stuff and designing great clothes for his sisters boutique.

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Although its up to rohit verma what the reality is? i still confused whether he is a designer or not.Hey What do you think?? tell me..

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