I was working on an album with Michael Jackson – Adnan sami

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First his father and now fellow-musician Michael Jackson is gone in less than a week. This hasn't been a good time for Adnan Sami. "I was working on an album with Janet and Michael Jackson. I'm producing and composing the album. But now I wonder what happens to it!" wonders Adnan.

Describing Michael whom Adnan met a number of times for the album as a childlike genius, Adnan says, "His life was troubled. But his music was his solace. Artistes who suffer always seek an escape route in their art. Ask me, I should know"

When Adnan first received a phone call from Michael and the Jackson brothers they discussed Adnan's music in detail. "The Jacksons knew every detail about my songs. They had studied my music in detail. I listened quietly to them talk about my music. These were the same guys whose music I grew up on."

How did it happen? "Michael's brother Jermaine's wife Halima is from Afghanistan. For some time she lived in Chandigarh. She got acquainted with my music while in India and she took my music to LA and introduced her husband to it. And then Jermaine introduced Michael and Janet to my music."

Adnan had three meetings with the Jacksons in Los Angeles. "It was progressing slowly. They like to work at their own pace. No hurry. The album is like Motown-music-meets-world-music-meets-Indian-music. I've brought the Sarangi and the Tabla-Dholak into their music."

It's Adnan's first English-language album, and being produced by the Jacksons. Adnan is also singing one song in the album.

Speaking of the Jacksons Adnan says, "They're very humble people. Always attentive to what I say, always open to innovations and suggestions. They recognized a component in my musical style, and that is this. I really like strong base lines in my songs. What they don't know is, that's something I learnt from the music of the Jacksons."

This is the first full-fledged collaboration between an Asian musician and major American musical icons. "I can't believe I'm actually working with the Jacksons. Without Michael it won't be the same. We've completed four songs...I'm really enjoying this. I realize I enjoy playback singing. But the independent albums are where I'm totally able to express myself."

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