No Tiger For Pakistan

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The much hyped Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Ek Tha Tiger isn’t going to make any rounds of applause across Pakistan as the film had been banned for its preview, as told by the vice chairman Mohammed Ashraf Gondal of Pakistan's Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC). His wife Farzana Gondal also a part of the Certification Judiciary told that the film was indeed liked by most of the members but the final decision was that the film cannot be screened in Pakistan. She also told that she personally liked the movie and further said Ek Dosti Ka Paigam Tha, Katrina Badi Sunder lag Rahi Thi Pakistani Outfits Mein, Lekin Dukh Ki Baat Hai. Earlier the trailers were approved and the film was supposed to be released on the eve of Eid in Pakistan, but couldn't make it to the theatre screens.

The last movie which was banned in Pakistan was March 2012 released Saif Ali Khan's Agent Vinod who also had Kareena playing a British-Pakistani working as an undercover for the ISI in the film.

Ek The Tiger- Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

Star Cast:

Salman Khan As;
Tiger (Code Name)
Manish Chandra (Mission Name)
Avinash Singh Rathode (Real Name)

Katrina Kaif As Zoya

Ranvir Shorey As Gopi

Girish Karnad As Shenoy

Roshan Seth As Kidwai

Gavie Chahal As Abrar

Kabir Khan

Storyline & Production:
Aditya Chopra

Reviews About Ek The Tiger:
It’s a first movie when Salman worked with the Yash Raj Group, produced by Aditya Chopra. Though this actionably romantic thriller movie had an unbelievable 100% box office opening, and also earned Rs/- 57.50 Crore domestically in just 3 days, but it somehow has failed to impress the critics. It has claimed all the numbers till 4.5 out of the 5 from the critics. 
It is also learnt from a close source that if all goes well then the Second Part is also set to be on the list, as the production company had already registered two titles 'Ek Hai Tiger' and 'Ek Rahega Tiger'.

Ek The Tiger- Theatrical Trailer:

Storyline of Ek The Tiger:
The movie revolves around a mysterious bachelor (Salman Khan) who stays near a government staff colony in Delhi. A high level spy by nature, he's sent for a mission to Dublin (Ireland) to keep a watch on an Indian origin scientist who was thought to be sharing his inventions with the Defence Department of Pakistan. There unable to meet scientist the tiger meets Zoya (Katrina), caretaker/assistant to the scientist who studied at a dance academy, and in a bid of trying to get friendly with her to know the whereabouts of the scientist, Tiger starts falling in love with her and also discovers his human side. Later it is learnt that Zoya itself was a spy sent by the ISI Agency of Pakistan. And both of their mission was to save the mankind, but their job required them to not to be glitched with someone and when Tiger do so, he has to be assassinated by the Indian Agency. The movie end’s near and the Tiger is Tiger- they both went untraceable.

Some Of The Video Clips From The Movie Ek The Tiger:

Song- Katrina Kaif's Doing A Sizzling Mashallah Mashallah Act:

Song- Saiyaara:

Song- Laapata:

Song- Banjaara:

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