Doctor’s toungue slip, pronounced Shahrukh Khan instead of Salman Khan!!

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William Shakespeare may have immortalised the line, `What's in a name?' but Salman Khan was having none of that Shakespearean wisdom. The actor was at Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital at Parel yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon promoting his forthcoming film, Wanted.


First, Salman went into the children's ward, much to the delight of the cancer-afflicted children and mingled with them there. Then, the doctors, patients and the actor went into the hospital's auditorium. Here, doctors announced to the audience that the special guest was Salman Khan.

The first time the doc said the correct name, Salman Khan. The second time though, the actor was called Shah Rukh Khan, by the doc in a slip of the tongue.  The audience started laughing at the mistake. Sallu took the mike and growled, "Achcha hai yeh doctor hai" (good he is a doctor) and then said, "Wait karo, Shahrukh Khan aa raha hai."  (Wait Shahrukh Khan is coming).

Salman then went to the pathology department to donate blood. Our guess is that the docs would have to have had to wait a while, for his boiling blood to cool down, before he could make the donation.

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