Arshad thinks joke on Michael Jackson not funny… Scene removed from ‘Short Kut’

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Circuit actor, Arshad Warsi has recently had a change of fuse…heart when he decided to have a joke on Michael Jackson removed from his forthcoming film Short Kut.

A source informs, “Arshad held a private screening of the film for his family and friends. It was just a day after MJ’s death on June 25th. After he saw the film, he realised that the pun on Michael Jackson was in bad taste.”

He immediately called up his director Neeraj Vora and asked for the scene to be removed in view of Michael Jackson’s sudden death and as a measure of respect.

Neeraj said, “It’s tough to delete the scene as the final prints are out, but we are working on making this change.”

Apparently, when Anil Kapoor, who is the producer of Short Kut learnt of Arshad’s concern, he agreed to have the scene removed. He is reported to have said that his production could not be insensitive to MJ.

Although the scene is for comic relief, it has turned into something else, especially since MJ’s tribute a day ago. Arshad sure knows how to respect his guru. Wasn’t it MJ’s moves that started his career in the beginning? Arshad initially wanted to be a choreographer more than an actor.

Better late than sorry we say, he has done the right thing not only for MJ, but for the film’s good humour too, at a time when crude humour is making waves.

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