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Shruti Haasan, daughter of Kamal Haasan and Sarika, knows she has rather big shoes to fill. Yet, standing at the brink of her film career with action flick Luck, this new kid on the block is living it up with her ample confidence and oodles of attitude minus the superciliousness.

Rockstar! That’s how her buddy and co-star on debut Imran Khan describes Shruti Haasan. Rockstar! That’s what the media dubbed her when she walked the ramp many moons ago for designer Rehane for a fashion week in Delhi. Rockstar! That’s what her claim to fame has been for some time now. After all, Shruti the singer is quite a regular with music gigs, especially in her native Chennai. Question: What is this rock chick doing in sadda Bollywood? But hey, look at her lineage. Being Kamal Haasan and Sarika’s daughter, films were almost a given. Yes, it’s true Shruti grew up with films in her blood but they weren’t her first choice. Going up to daddy to ask for a starkid launch was not her cuppa. So, the rockstar that she is, Shruti decided to pursue her love for music first. Having sung a couple of movie songs (by the way, she’s also lending her voice to a Luck number) and performed live, Shruti plans to cut a solo album soon. Musician, actor and allround diva—watch out world, here comes Shruti Haasan...

Do you think that Luck is a decent start?

Luck is more than just a decent start. It’s a fabulous start! As a movie, Luck pushes certain boundaries and takes certain risks. I liked the script and also the fact that the director has got together such an eclectic group of people.

How was it working with your friend Imran Khan?

It was wonderful. In fact, it was quite ironic and at the same time also very nice that we ended up working together. Imran and I have known each other since I was about 10 years old and we have been very good friends for a long time now. So, working with him was very comfy.

Did you get a nose job recently?

I did undergo nose surgery but due to a medical condition. I had a deviated septum, which caused breathing problems and hampered my singing. So I went in for septoplasty, which also changed the shape of my nose. Probably that’s why most people think I got a nose job!

Have you been exposed yet to the industry’s ways—the rumours, the gossip and so on?

It’s all part and parcel of the job. I’m extremely comfortable with my job and anything that comes along with it. I know that gossip and rumours are not to be taken seriously. And frankly, they don’t affect me.

Any gameplan to survive in the industry?

My plan is to do my job and try to keep improving. If you do your job well, nothing else really matters. In a wider perspective, I would want to be an improved artist who will always be as excited about her work 10 years down the line as I am today.

You’ve worn a bikini in your very first film. Do you think it was a rather sensational, controversial choice?

That scene has been shot while I am in a swimming pool. And most people wear swimming costumes when they swim! It’s only logical to do so.

So, who is your role model?

Has to be my dad!


Why not? I am what I am today because of my dad. He is one of the most important people in my life. I owe a lot to him.

Did your parents’ bad marriage affect you in any way?

Why should it affect me? It wasn’t my marriage! I’m an adult, capable of taking my own decisions. Irrespective of how their marriage was, I’ve always got their love and support. So it never really made a difference to me.

Tell us about your sibling Akshara.

My sister is the most wonderful thing that has happened in my life. More than my sister, she’s my friend. We are very very close and I share a very special bond with her. We don’t really have to hang around together to know how important we are to each other.

Do you think working in films might not leave you with much time for your music career?

My film career doesn’t affect my music career. Managing both well is only a question of planning. Right now, I’m scoring music for a film and am managing fine. It’s all about time management!

What was it like growing up in a home with two highly artistic parents?

I had a wonderful childhood. I grew up in a very interesting home. Both my parents taught me a lot. While dad taught me what commitment and being passionate about your work is all about, mom gave me the biggest lesson in life—how to survive!


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Your best feature: My brain

Any significant other: No!

Most embarrassing moment: Nothing really embarrasses me.

Best rumour: People think I’m dating someone!

Fave singer: Ella Fitzgerald

Your kind of music: Any music is my kind of music. I can’t dislike music.

Music to you is: Soul Designer vs street wear: Mix of both

Style mantra: Rock it like you’ve got it!

Three things you can’t live without: Cellphone, credit card and my family

Three handbag essentials: Lip balm, chewing gum and water

You’re scared of: Snakes and all reptiles! Fave actors: Dad and Marlon Brando

One actor you want to work with: SRK

Your fitness routine: Work out regularly and yes, drink lots of water.

Success mantra: You need to relentlessly pursue what you really want in life.

One film that had a major impact on you: It has to be The Godfather—it’s got everything that you would ever want to watch in a film.

A book that should be made into a film: There are so many of them... Probably, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. Another favourite is the classic Dreams And Nightmares by Edgar Allen Po

You pass time by: Reading books, graphic novels, watching TV, putting my thoughts down, playing video games—rather boring stuff (smiles).

If you’re given one wish: To have all my other wishes come true...

One wardrobe must-have: A pair of jeans

One must-carry: My cellphone

Your take on love: It’s one of the most important things in the world. It totally makes the world go round. I do believe in love.

Ever been in love: Yes!

Your take on marriage: It’s a personal choice with someone else’s consent... (giggles)

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